2018 New Home New You

New Year, New You, New Home? Not ready to buy or sell just yet? Looking to Upgrade your home? Don’t worry, We have the perfect plan for you, with a combined list of 2018’s To Do and To Ditch. It’s time to experiment with color, sustainability, and creativity.


  1. Brass, Bronze, and Gold fixtures are back in- play around with bathroom hardware, lighting, and decor
  2. BOLD color- not ready to make a wall mauve, throw in some accent pillows and fresh flowers
  3. Sink or swim- 2018 is the year of sinks, so dive in with stone, copper, granite, or even a trough bronze bucket sink
  4. Shipwreck! Embrace the rustic feel with some ship lap in ding or living space
  5. Stainless steel was so 2014, change it up with Black Stainless Steel for an upgraded sleek look
  6. Out with plain white tile- experiment with color and statement tile in the bathrooms
  7. Smart Technology- surround sound speakers, app controlling devices for lighting- the world is becoming innovative and so should your home
  8. Small gardens- whether its fruit, vegetables, or herbs- nothing is tastier or more ascetically pleasing than a home garden
  9. Dry Bars- bring out the barista in you
  10. 2018 is the year of you- declutter bedrooms into your humble abode- keep it neutral with minimal accents of soothing colors such as greens and lavender
  11. It’s time to get Eco-Friendly People- small changes to our toilets to bigger changes like solar panels need to be implemented
  12. Those Bold colors mentioned earlier- exaggerate in the kitchen- whether its mats, backsplash, or wall color- the kitchen is where art is made- so make it state of the art
  13. Statement Lighting- soft gold, industrial, vintage Edison, Art Deco- just remember cleaner lines but the bigger the better.
  14. Wabi Sabi- appreciate imperfection with wrinkled linens and homemade pottery. At the end of the day this is your home, not a museum- imperfection is beautiful.



  1. Tropical and Chevron Prints
  2. Cacti out, color in
  3. White on White
  4. Farmhouse kitchen
  5. Overdone Tuscan living
  6. Rose Gold
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